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Online Course that will allow you to be a Student lash tech turned Master Lash Trainer in 90 day s


Topics covered


Online Platforms

Business structures

Planning and Scheduling

Business Automation

Online/Office Marketing

Product development


Product categories

Pricing strategies

Accounts and Finance



Live face to face with 8 classess over 90 days

Online seminars

Workbook in Training

Training slides

Training kit support

Lifetime mentoring support




Taught by Founder of TLBB Aniya Thuntishar with oevr 12 year of Beauty industry experience with four succesful online business


8 Industry ans business awards

Taught 1000's of student worldwide

Travel the world and runa business

Helped students to earn a 6 figure income in thrir first year

Mentor an Guess Judge for international competitions

Advisory board and multiple busness mentorship advisor




Build a successful online beauty business