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Online Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions Training 



Self pace learning online modules for

Classic and Volmume Eyelash Extensions

Audio, Slides, Worksheet, Exercise, VDO content and Workbook


  • Introduction to Classic 
  • Classic  Course Overview
  • Classic  History Overview
  • Classic  Lash Techniques Overview 
  • What is Classic lash extensions
  • Proper Classic application
  • Introduction to Volume 
  • Volume  Course Overview
  • Volume  History Overview
  • Volume  Lash Techniques Overview 
  • What is Volume lash extensions
  • Proper Volume application
  • Anatomy of the Eye
  • Lash Growth and Hair Structure
  • Lash Shedding
  • Health and Safety
  • Cross Infection and Eye conditions
  • ContraIndications and Eyelash extensions
  • Prevention of Cross Infection ContraIndications
  • Allergies and Infection
  • OHS
  • Maintain Infection Control in beauty salon workplace
  • Client Consultation process
  • Consultation documentation
  • Eye Shapes
  • Lash Extension Design
  • Lash Extension Process
  • Post treatment Advice
  • Client consent and Record Keeping 
  • Digital record keeping
  • Lash Tools
  • Lash Curl, Thickness and Diameters
  • Lash Adhesives
  • Humidity and Lash Adhesives
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Sterilization, Sanitization and Disinfections
  • Products and Equipment Understanding Adhesives and Liquids Facts on Lash retention
  • Size and structure of Lash Extensions Preparation of work area 
  • Tweezer management and positioning Adhesive usage
  • Application overview Classic
  • Application overview Volume
  • Preparing Classic Extensions
  • Picking up of Classic Extensions
  • Preparing Volume Extensions
  • Picking up of Volume extensions
  • Fan for Volume Extensions
  • Hand made fans vs Pre made fans
  • Creating practice pads 
  • Lash Tapping
  • Cleansing the eyelash prior to extensions
  • Applying extensions on Practice pads Setting application mapping


  • Isolation techniques
  • Applying extensions on Practice Heads 
  • Application method Preparation
  • Cleaning the natural lashes Applying the pad 
  • Priming the natural lashes Isolation
  • Lash Adhesive Dipping and usage for Classics
  • Lash Adhesive Dipping and usage for Volumes
  • Proper Eyelash Placement for classics
  • Proper Eyelash Placement for volumes
  • Mapping the lash pad Lash extensions close up 
  • Lash Mapping and Design Layering One 
  • Layering Two
  • Layering Three
  • Lower Lash Application
  • Classic Style application x 5 for female lashes
  • Classic style application for male lashes
  • Volume Style applicatipon x5 for female lashes
  • Volume styels application for male lashes
  • Concealing lash extensions
  • Separation and Analyzing lash sets
  • Lash Finishing
  • Curing of Adhesive
  • Pad removal 
  • How to create aftercare kits for clients
  • After care for clients
  • After care and looking after your lash space


Our Online eyelash extensions training; offers a comprehensive way to learn how to create the perfect 1:1 & Volume lash extensions in a theory framework for you to get the basis of eyelash extensions. Focusing on applying accurate eyelash extensions with multiple leading techniques.


This course will ensure technicians understands both the application technique from the fundamentals to the advance approaches of this classic to the volume application via an online training module. As the demand of lash technicians increases we are needing more quality technicians for the treatments once the classic method is completed the basis of volume will be taught as an overview of the session with the above structure.


Combining theoretical and practical aspects in the online sector, that ensure students confidence of theory knowledge is fully understood. Presented via a series of presentations, workbooks, interactive audio and slides.


✔️After class work review

✔️Case study review

✔️Live online work review

✔️One on one training achedule call with each student 

✔️Certificate of Theory Complition after course


The Classic 1:1 Class


This course is for 1:1 Classic individual techniques focusing on the theoretical aspect and showing the practical aspects as well. Students be sure to learn and understand how to apply lashes with confidence through a series of presentations, sudio recordings and working slides.


What is 1:1 Classic Lash Extensions

This is the technique that all lash technicians must master before going onto the next lash workshop. It is individually applied eyelash extensions one-on-one on each individual lash strand. Learn the accurate lash separation and ways the get perfectly straight lashes that redefines the eyes and lengthens the lashes to perfection.


What is Volume Lash Extensions


The Volume lash technique is an application method that allows for a full look to be created on the eyes. Also known as 2d, 3d,4d etc up to 16d, Russian volume, XD Lashes which is known to be originated from Russia.  The full volume look is created with the use of multiple ultra fine lashes applied on the natural lash (finer and more delicate than the classic one to one lash application).


Learn both skills in the one course at your own pace in your own time with the professional in the feild of lash extensions.



Get access to a comprehensive

lash training 24/7

  • From the fundamental techniques of lashes

  • To Advance lash skills

  • Eyelash extensions protocols 

  • Classic/Volume theory

  • Maintain infection control

  • Develop your business knowledge

  • Marketing and gain traction

  • 70 lash topics to be a lash pro

  • once off payment for lifetime 24/7 access


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Online Classic and Volume Extensions Class

  • Class completed to be sole responsibility of studnet

    Case study to be sent to

    Ensure all aspects of class is completed prior to c ase study 

    USe this class only as a theory refresher overview

    If no face to face class has been completed you must do a live trainning class prior to practicing 

    Ensure you complete the training as a refresher if you have previous knowledge

    As this is an onlne class refunds are not accepted **