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Why lash artists should never skip a Test Patch for eyelash extensions?

Well, here it is. A topic that will get any lash artists and clients talking for days. You either fail or win with the right steps for providing the perfect eyelash extension treatment. So, be sure to get your test patch skills on point.

While a 24 hour time-frame is said to be the best time for the test patch for any beauty treatments, I would advise that your lash artists conduct a test patch with a 48 hour time frame, this is especially relevant for new clients. With our new clients we must ensure that their skin, eye area and our products will not create an allergic reaction.

Lets look at some common products that can cause a reaction:

A Medical Tape

B Adhesive

C Gel/Collagen Pads

D Cleansing Products

E Lash Primer

Although the list above is not an exclusive list it is the most common reactor for an allergic reaction in an eyelash extensions treatment. So therefore, all must be tested on the client to ensure safety of the application.

There are two main recogmended ways an artist can provide the test patch, one, test patching on the clients eye area. Do as if you are going to start a lash treatment, apply cleansing, apply primer, place gel pads and medical tape, then, attach 5-10 lashes on each side of the eye. If you are stocking two types of lashes adhesives use one on either side of the eye. Always make sure you are documenting each step and product you have used on your client data sheet. This will ensure that the selected product and step is correct for that specific client. Then what for 48 hours to see if the client will get a reaction to the lashes. Two, test patch on the clients inner arm, leave each product on the skin for 15-30 min. remove the product and document which area and product was applied. Let the client watch the area a reaction will occur immediately or 48 hours after doing so if there is an allergic reaction.

Allergic reaction is evident by swelling and redness, if this occurs advise your client to seek immediate medical attention. Also you must only remove the lash product only after the swelling has gone down.

It is very important that lash artists understand that the reaction might not only be on the basis of which adhesive you are using but rather the product used as a whole during the treatment.

You wouldn't want to be that salon clients come out of with reactions. Save yourself from the heartbreak, do you test patch and provide them with assured quality of the treatment as it should be done.....

Thats all for now tell me how you went with your test patch

Lots of love

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