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Whats Volume Lashes

The Volume lash technique is an application method that allows for a full look to be created on the eyes. Also known as 2d, 3d,4d etc up to 16d, Russian volume, XD Lashes which is known to be originated from Russia.

The full volume look is created with the use of multiple ultra fine lashes applied on the natural lash (finer and more delicate than the classic one to one lash application).

A 'fan' which could be handmade or pre-made using 0.07m, 0.05m or 0.03 m thickness lashes to form a perfect lash fan shape, is dipped once into the adhesive and paced on the natural lash. This creates a fluffy, volume, filled look that Classic 1:1 extensions are unable to create.

This Technician requires a high level of skill which, exceeds that of the Classic 1:1 technique. It is an advanced technique that artists can only master if they have the skill of Classic 1:1 in place.

Classic one to one application will only provide the client with lashes that is extended one by one on there own so if the client has minimal natural lashes it will be disappointing for some that want the full look on their lashes.

This technique is suitable for clients:

A. that have fine lashes.

B. for clients wanting more of a dramatic outcome.

C. for eyes with minimal lash strands.

D. for clients that require lash spaces to be fill their spares natural lashes

E. clients that want darker, fuller and fluffier lashes

"The only drama I need is on my lashes" #tlbbgirl

The super fine lashes used in volume extensions must be applied with precision to ensure the safety and health of your eyes/lash is the main focal point. Even if it is more dramatic each professional certified technicians must ensure that the weight will not effect the growth cycle of the lashes allowing comfort of wear with the skills taught by a true lash Master.

Learn how you can become a master of volume lash extensions with the courses we have available at TLBB Academy check out our classes at www.TheLashBeautyBar.com/courses or email info@thelashbeautybar.com

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