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Social Media & Your Lash Business in 2018

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Ever wonder why some of lash business strive and some cave in?

Well lets start with what we as Lash technicians can do with the online playing field, allow your Lash Business to grow in the social world.

Its Social Media Marketing Tips for 2018.

1. Draft out a killer strategy that will set your brand apart. Remember how will you get them to remember YOUR BRAND. Its not just about having a pretty picture anymore its about adding the story to the image in order to create a narrative for engagement. The image becomes somewhat of a title to your content. One idea you can add creativity to your brand strategy, by simply having a personality. Same as the image in your profiles it has a tone, color and theme to set the mood so your content should be doing the same. Have a personality that matches your image. Don't be a robot pushing out content have a tone of voice, a stance and a point of view and make it clear to your audience. Sassy, elegant, sweet or motivated etc. Try it adding this will give you an edge. Next…

2. Dig deep into your data. No matter the content there is always a meaningful way a brand can teach the audience by using their own data. Dive into what you have at hand first, this can be; checking the image you took from your experience. Find that piece of work you did, that event you engaged in, that idea you had and write a piece on that. Create brief introduction, history, how it came about, what you got out of it just as an overview, this way you are starting to teach your clients a little bit about you. Remember to write it in that tone of voice, keep the theme going consistently.

3. Learn more from other resources. Yes knowledge is all around us, even when we are learning through our own experiences we must always be keeping up to date with the knowledge and trends that is evolving in or outside of our industry. This will allow you to see things from a different perspective. Use the new knowledge that is relevant to the story you are telling it has to act as a whole. If your interested in learning more to better yourself this will show in your brand. In the stories you tell your client. Cause service alone is not enough these days, what extra benefits can provide for your client. Knowledge, and what better way to have fresh, relevant and engaging stories to read about. This will also ensure the next random question your client throws at you will be answered with that confident sass.

4. Consider which platforms to publish and which platforms to leave alone. You don't need to be visible in all the different platforms, you must select the ones you will keep up to date and consistent to who you are as a brand. If your brands target market is a user of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat you must choose the platform that its users are related. Its not about being on all the platforms its about managing your brand right on the right one. Start with pickling one and do that well before moving onto the next…..

(wanna know more about which target market users wait for my next blog post.)

5. Build relationships. This is so important in any business actually. Not just the lash industry. Well that goes to all the points I’m writing at the moment. Relationships online are so important. Start with the clients you already have. Do you have them on your social media page ? if not, WHY ? they are your biggest fans and never let them out on the information that can accessed anywhere, at work, on the go or even on their bed before they fall a sleep. Remember frequency and consistency of engagement in proportion will keep your brand in their minds and that is what you want to do. Get them to remember you and build that relationship. How else ? step 6.

6. Be reachable. Hello is just a phone call away in this day an age. Whether you are traveling or on the go, or in the store, you should always have an open ended reachable channel of communication. Have visible emails, phone numbers, social media page names and most importantly an updated website that allows them to contact you. Nothing worse than a no dial tone..... ops

7. Embracing influencers. Yes, it has to be said the benefits of boosting your page with others influencers to grow your brand is of such high value these days. They can make your brand known. Choose one that in lines with the brand tone of voice or character. Select who you would like to relate with in the social platform and create that link to build a network of trusted bloggers and influencers you can call on when your brand needs a good booster....

Lets stop there for now......

Try it out and tell me how you go


Lots of Love from

A Little Beautypreneur

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