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Retention issues?

Well this is one of the most talked about topics of lash artists, so lets go through some check points that will make sure your work has no problem with retention.

Storage points for best retention

- store in air tight bag

- rice grain in bag

- cool and dry place

- store best at room temperature

- unopened in fridge

- lid tight on the bottle

- no build up of glue on lid

- avoid moisture in glue

Adhesive consistency points for best retention

- adhesive must be consistent in color

- medium thickness

- should not be watery, sticky or gluey

- should not have white powder on or in the nozzle

- should be shaken prior to opening

- foil or plastic to cover lid when shaking

Adhesive age points for best retention

- check age of adhesive

- check due date

- write open date on bottle

- change adhesive if nozzle is not clean

- most adhesive in australia shelf life is 6 months expiry date on them (unopened)

- 3-8 week duration once opened

- how often do you open the cap(the more you one the more dryer and moisture goes into the bottle)

Application and adhesive points for best retention

- check adhesive drain time

- dont take to long to attached lash on natural lash

- check adhesive drying time dome is 1-3 sec and others up to 5 sec

- dip enough adhesive but not too much that is is too thick

- try not to double dip

- no air blowing during application

- check humidity when applying

- change adhesive every 15-120 in to allow for good application and adhesive consistency

Client points for best retention

- check clients skin if oily or dry

- check if client goes into sauna or steam

- check if client is pregnant or is on any medication

- clean clients lashes prior to the session

- makesure primer is used as it will clean the natural lash for better retention

- check if client understands after care

- check if client uses lots of make up

Humidity and Temperature points for best retention

- check if you salon room changes in humidity frequently

- make sure airflow doesn't effect the application

- check manufacturer and supplier for best humidity for the adhesive

- you can also purchase a hydrometer to check humidity in your working space

Thats all for now tell me some of the point you have found out

Lots of love

a little Beautypreneur


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