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Ideas to market your lash business to the locals

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

If your new to the area or want to get a little boost with the locals, start with these simple ways to create long-lashing growth for your business.

1. Cross promotion with other stores

Work with other local business to grow recognition, provide a cross promotion with them. Offer a give away bag for each of their client to receive when purchasing in their store. Their clients free gifts and you get promoted. Both business wins.

Example things to give away: Lash product gifts in a little goodie bag, your next lash event, your lash menu or a service discounts for new local clients.

Distribution: via other local small businesses like bakery, cafe or other beauty stores.

2. Host an event

Playing host at your place will get you to become known to a lot of people at once. This can be a little painting night, face painting session, a candle making night, a fundraiser for the community, a bake sale or even a simple get together for an exercise activity. Remember to always link your passion for beauty and lashes at each event


Paint night: Have all client paint a creative lash image. Have paints for them and a host that knowns the basic principals to paint. So that the attendees are both learning how to paint and learning about your lash business.

Bake: Bake cakes or cookies to give away, remember to add an image of lashes on them. Or, create a cookie fundraising event for your local organization. Bake the cookies, sell them and donate to charity.

3. Support local events

Join the local community business owners events and socialize. Start with searching for events that are happening in your area and make new friends. They then will start to know you and refer you and your business with the power of word of mouth.

Make sure you never go to an event empty handed....

4. Online directories

Have you business listed on the local online directories. go searching for what people use in your local area to search for products and services and be visible on that platform. Make sure the listing is accurate so that it is easy for clients to call or make contact with you.

Remember to add an essence of you to each listing...

5. Google My Business

Make sure you are listing on Google. Google business, google map or even google image search. Make sure you show up on there and claim your page with your profile filled out as completely as possible.

Don't forget to add awesome lash images and a personified content for each image listing.

6. Local radio/tv/magazine station

Make sure you drop in to your local media business and give them some giveaways. Build a relationship with them cause might even get a mention in their Chanels or even learn new ways to get your story published.

Giveaways: Thinking lash cookies?

Well.Thats all for now....

Try these simple ideas out and tell me how you go.


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