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How best to store lash adhesive?

Well, ever had that problem where you just can't get your lash adhesive right. This might be cause you are storing it wrong. One lash tech says one thing and your supplier says another ?

Lets see what points you have to consider when storing your lash adhesive....

Shelf life of lash adhesive stored at room temperature is normally approximately 6 years if it is unopened. If stored unopened in the fridge the shelf life is 12-15 months at 13 degrees. While a bottle that is opened and stored correctly will have a shelf life of 3-8 weeks depending on your manufacturer and type of adhesive.

The main point of lash adhesive storing is controlling the amount of moisture that enters the adhesive bottle or that effects the adhesive. The less the moisture effecting the adhesive the longer in duration you can keep the adhesive ie rather than 3 weeks it would be more like 8 weeks.

Adhesive is designed to be worked in ideal conditions of 20-25 celsius and 40-60% humidity. When environments changes either hotter or cooler, wetter or drier, the adhesive will behave differently. That why artists must watch the effects of the weather to the adhesive they are suing. Some adhesive are better for hotter temperatures and some for cooler temperatures. You must choose one that suits the temperature.

When working with lash adhesives artists must know that cyanoacrylate adhesives which is most lash adhesives are sensitive to moisture. When moisture and chemicals in cyanoacrylate adhesive is mixed together it will make the adhesive cure and set.

Moisture can be effected with the adhesive therefore when the bottle is opened lash artist must consider doing the following:

a. keep adhesive in air tight container or foil bag

b. place a few grain of rice in the container to absorb the moisture

c. alway store the adhesive 90 degree to minimize back flow

d. adhesive in fridge after opened can cause moisture but can also allow the adhesive to become less sticky

e. try not to move adhesive from one location/temperature to another as this can cause moisture in bottle and hardening

f. allow adhesive to reach room temperature prior to opening it from changes in temperature if change in temperature is required by lash artists

g. you can place desiccant silica gel in the adhesive pouch

h. always wipe residue on adhesive nozzle prior to closing the cap

i. check environment in the salon and temperature range priory opening your adhesive each day 20-25 degrees celsius and 40-60% humidity

j. prior to opening it should be kept in the fridge but once opened the adhesive shouldn't be kept in the fridge but at room temperature

k. store in dry/cool and dark space will stop condensation of adhesive

j. check moisture levels in the salon environment as it effects drying time

k. shoe with silica bag and check it is Ari tight, would be bets

l. taking the lid off and placing a foil or plastic over top and shake is the best way to shake your bottle prior to use

m. shake for at least 45 seconds prior to using the adhesive after storing it

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